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It’s in Our Blood

Nursery work and seed multiplication is in our blood: our family is now into its fourth generation of seed production expertise. We offer this knowledge base and experience to the industry in multiple services geared towards maximizing benefits of modern scientific advances in agronomics and agriculture. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Hand-pollinated seed increases (selfing blocks)
  • Foundation seed increases
  • Hand crossing blocks
  • Isolated crossing blocks
  • Conversion nurseries (can facilitate seamless, year-round work)
  • Targeted trait breeding nurseries
  • Gene checking, trait verification, & tissue sampling
  • Custom seed processing for small lots with a color sorter
  • Custom seed treatment

Not corn or soybeans? No problem! We have also worked with popcorn, corn silage, sorghum silage, sunflowers, canola, wheat, and oats, and we are always interested in new crops.


3MG North can help you with your specialized or high priority projects. We have experience with the following traits:


Cold tolerance

Heat tolerance

Drought tolerance

Specialty grain traits

Native insect tolerance

Brown midrib (BMR)

GMO trait conversion

Native (non GMO) trait conversion

Food quality traits

Our staff has a broad background across different areas of agriculture, from breeding, agronomy, and research to feed, ethanol, and equipment. We love new challenges: they force us to think outside the box, our favorite place to be. Give us a call; let us work and create something new together.

Our Services

Crop Testing & Agronomic Studies

We provide a wide array of services that are geared towards maximizing benefits of modern scientific advances in agronomics and agriculture.

Silage Trials

Our silage trials are located in areas where many acres of silage are commercially chopped and are on farms with various field conditions and management procedures to give a greater understanding of product performance.

On Farm Trials

We test new products for you in unbiased research trials on your land using your practices to help optimize your farming operation.

Nursery & Seed Multiplication

Our experienced staff has the educational background and experience to facilitate a variety of nursery services.

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