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3MG North

Providing research services to support Northern Midwest Agriculture

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Established in 2013, 3MG North is located in the Corn Capital of Olivia, Minnesota. The 3MG North staff provides high quality agronomic services in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Our services are custom designed to meet each customer’s unique business requirements with dedicated and experienced personnel who understand the need for solid, reliable data. We want your business to succeed. We will assist you in designing the best plan to meet your specific business requirements at every step of the process, whether you are beginning a research project or are working on a well-established project. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are here to help make your business profitable and productive.

Yield Trial Locations in 2020

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We understand the importance to you of each project we grow on your behalf, and we want to do our best to maintain the integrity of the project through our performance standards. Thank you for trusting us.

Ed & Deb Baumgartner

(Founders of 3MG North)

Our Services

Crop Testing & Agronomic Studies

We provide a wide array of services that are geared towards maximizing benefits of modern scientific advances in agronomics and agriculture.

Silage Trials

Our silage trials are located in areas where many acres of silage are commercially chopped and are on farms with various field conditions and management procedures to give a greater understanding of product performance.

On Farm Trials

We test new products for you in unbiased research trials on your land using your practices to help optimize your farming operation.

Nursery & Seed Multiplication

Our experienced staff has the educational background and experience to facilitate a variety of nursery services.

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