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Our Vision

Creative genetic and agronomic trials that provide for superior product identification, placement, and characterization in the early maturity zones

Founded by Ed and Deb Baumgartner in 2013, 3MG North was created as a way to both support existing and to create new opportunities for northern agriculture. With over 55 years and 101 crop cycles of hands-on farm and agriculture experience between Minnesota, Puerto Rico, North Dakota, and South Dakota, Ed and Deb have always been inspired by new ideas and projects. What started out as a small yield testing operation focused on testing Ed’s “hobby” corn breeding project, quickly escalated into a full-fledged contract service company by 2013. The expansion into other services and crops has continued each year.

At 3MG North, we work with our clients and our cooperators to find the best products for each area we test because we want every client to thrive. Combining our experience with your knowledge and expertise of your project, we can create the best course of action to meet both your project’s needs and your business goals. By working together, we can improve our farming community, learn from one another, and make the most of what Mother Nature throws at us.

Our Staff

We, the 3MG North team, are dedicated to working with all of our clients at every step of the way. Although each team member has their respective responsibilities, we are fluid and believe in working together in any capacity to provide our customers with high quality service. Using our various backgrounds we create a well-rounded and insightful team that can think outside the box.


Pat has worked in some form of agriculture since he graduated from NDSU in 1990 with a BS in Industrial Engineering and Management. He worked for 10 years in the Animal Feed Industry as a Plant Manager and Central Engineering support and project management. In 2001, Pat moved into the Ethanol Industry designing and installing all components of a dry grind ethanol plant involving dry materials – from the corn coming in, to the DDGS going out. This included the drying equipment for the DDGS, which took him to his next career as Project Engineering Manager, selling, building, and delivering dryers and evaporators all over the world to various industries. Pat has 3 wonderful daughters and enjoys his time on the water in a boat or in the snow on a snowmobile. He has been known to enjoy music to the point where he likes to share it with everyone, provided the speakers have enough power.


Michaela came to Olivia from her family’s farm in Saint James, MN. She attended Southwest Minnesota State University, where she graduated with a B.S. in Agronomy and an emphasis in Crop Management in 2017. While in school Michaela worked as a lab technician, analyzing soil samples submitted by various customers in the industry. She also worked in seed and chemical sales during that time. Just before joining 3MG North she worked as a sales and research intern, monitoring and evaluating corn and soybean trials in a four-state-area. At 3MG North, Michaela assists with planting, taking various field notes throughout the season, pollinating, and harvest. She operates the combines and silage chopper with the greatest of ease.


Susan is an Iowa native who moved to Olivia and joined 3MG North in 2015. Prior to making the journey northward, she worked as a soybean breeder for 15 years. At 3MG North Susan works with breeding and research. She organizes all of the fields for both the yield testing, isolated crossing blocks and nurseries. She is at home on the tractor, taking notes, or sifting through data. In her “spare time” she is found on the golf course or visiting her nephews.


Steve is our resident all purpose go-to guy, with experience in metal fabrication and repair, warehouse inventory, shipping, and concrete work. On a good day, he is customizing a piece of research equipment to work more efficiently or building something completely new to increase our productivity. On all days, the music selection is top-notch.


Although she grew up working in corn fields, Rebekah has a background in scenic design and theater construction, but the sunshine, fresh air and soil never left her blood. While also assisting with the research part of the business, Rebekah is bringing her design skills and attention to detail to the marketing side of our business.


Raechel has a background in agronomy and plant breeding, and she works mostly with product development, project management, and research. Her focus now is data management and project organization. Her work in the seed industry started many years ago when she was paid in candy for counting seed packets. After a brief hiatus working with soybeans in graduate school, the gravitational force of the corn field pulled her back to the family business.


Matthew has never lived more than ten miles from the Corn Capital. He enjoys the small-town atmosphere that Olivia brings and the personal connections that can be made. He has been with us at 3MG North for just over four years and has been in the Corn Research Business since he was 19, starting with pollinating even earlier. He currently assists in planting, various note taking, pollinating and with harvest. He is diving into the numbers and has recently taken up several accounting classes to broaden his education.

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